Veteran photographer captures the many faces of Macau

Behind a row of trees, junks float in Macau’s western harbour as the sun rises in a moment captured by veteran photographer Ou Ping in the 1960s. "I got up about five o’clock in the morning and waited for the sun to come up to catch the right moment," recalls Ou, still spritely at 84. "You could not see such an image now. There are no more junks, and the shore is lined with skyscrapers."

Angola beyond oil

Angola has experienced rapid growth in the last decade, mostly propelled by the exploitation of its vast natural resources. Today, the country is ranked the third largest economy in Sub‑Saharan Africa.

Vhils, the aesthetic vandal

Hammer in hand, street artist Vhils emblazoned the portrait of Camilo Pessanha onto the streets of Macau, melding history, culture and art in pursuit of aesthetically beautiful vandalism.