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1 hour ago
Anti-racism protesters converge on the "Free Speech Rally" featuring right-wing speakers.
3 hours ago
The hunt continues for Younes Abouyaaqoub, who police suspect may have driven the van that killed 13.
5 hours ago
The couple will not attend the Kennedy Center Honors to avoid political distraction, officials say.
6 hours ago
Police cite a terrorist attack as an 18-year-old Moroccan is held over Friday's double killing.
6 hours ago
Police want to interview Mrs Mugabe about an alleged assault at a hotel in Johannesburg.
8 hours ago
The fired Trump strategist pledges to fight for the agenda that he says won the US presidency.
4 hours ago
Liu Xia, the widow of China's most prominent critic Liu Xiaobo, had not been seen since his funeral.
8 hours ago
Ruth Pfau dedicated her life to treating tens of thousands of leprosy patients across Pakistan.
6 hours ago
The man stabbed people apparently at random in the city of Surgut before being shot dead by police.
18 hours ago
A Los Angeles court rejects a plea by a woman raped by the director to dismiss the 40-year-old case.
19 hours ago
Households were buried after heavy rains caused parts of a nearby mountain to collapse.
8 hours ago
Deputy Education Minister Mduduzi Manana is accused of assaulting a woman in a nightclub.
8 hours ago
Footage has emerged of the van attack on Las Ramblas which left 13 people dead.
4 hours ago
The BBC witnesses defiance and grief, but also anger and panic after a van attack killed 14 people.
5 hours ago
On the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, rescue workers are looking for victims's bodies in the debris of their homes.


Where does your water come from?

In end-2016, Macau’s total population was 644,900 and annual water consumption hit 86.70 million cubic meters. The number had been steadily rising. “Over the past decade, Macau’s population has increased by nearly 26 percent and water consumption has increased by 44 percent, with the [Taipa and Coloane] islands seeing the most significant growth in water consumption."

Red panda day out

Most Macau visitors know that in the heart of Coloane live two giant pandas and their offspring. But many are not aware that two red pandas have recently taken up residence alongside the bigger animals at the Seac Pai Van Park.

Two pieces of a great life

Couto is the founder of CC Atelier de Arquitectura, the largest private architecture firm in the city. Since its establishment in June 1989, it has designed many of Macao’s most famous structures, including the Macao Government Headquarters, The Landmark Macau, the new Court of First Instance building in Macao, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf leisure complex as well as seven stations of the new Macao Light Rapid Transit system in Taipa.