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8 hours ago
The president questions the neutrality of the man investigating alleged Russian poll interference.
9 hours ago
Qatar is asked to close its broadcaster, Al Jazeera, and reduce ties with Iran - within 10 days.
9 hours ago
They receive suspended jail terms and fines for abuses in a hotel in Brussels in 2008.
9 hours ago
Donald Tusk says offer to EU nationals could "worsen the situation" as Theresa May defends her plan.
9 hours ago
The anti-corruption campaigner led mass street protests against Vladimir Putin in 2011-12.
13 hours ago
Pyongyang denies mistreating Otto Warmbier - but his family says it is responsible for his death.
9 hours ago
Brendan Dassey was just 16 when he confessed to rape, kill and murder a woman with his uncle.
13 hours ago
Prosecutors reportedly suggested the Barcelona star pay 255,000 euros instead of serving prison time.
12 hours ago
The scion of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical giant has known the president-elect for years.
13 hours ago
Some 64,000 men were jailed and more persecuted under the anti-gay law dating back to 1871.
17 hours ago
Mao Kobayashi, a former newsreader, found legions of admirers after chronicling her battle online.
9 hours ago
An online petition is set up after the president said mothers would be too distracted to go to school.
13 hours ago
A car swerved dramatically after an altercation with a motorcyclist in California. Footage courtesy Chris Traber
10 hours ago
EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker isn't sure what the UK wants.
9 hours ago
Missiles are fired from the Mediterranean at Islamic State group targets in Syria.


Red panda day out

Most Macau visitors know that in the heart of Coloane live two giant pandas and their offspring. But many are not aware that two red pandas have recently taken up residence alongside the bigger animals at the Seac Pai Van Park.

Two pieces of a great life

Couto is the founder of CC Atelier de Arquitectura, the largest private architecture firm in the city. Since its establishment in June 1989, it has designed many of Macao’s most famous structures, including the Macao Government Headquarters, The Landmark Macau, the new Court of First Instance building in Macao, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf leisure complex as well as seven stations of the new Macao Light Rapid Transit system in Taipa.

Macau’s fashion designers exhibit in Shanghai for the first time

Since its debut in 1993, the China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) has been one of the biggest and most influential fashion exhibitions in Asia. It is organised by China Fashion Association and Beijing Fashion Expo International Exhibition Co. Ltd; it brings together buyers, entrepreneurs, professional merchandisers and fashion designers from all corners of the globe to discuss business.