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8 hours ago
The CIA helped Russia foil a planned terror attack on a St Petersburg cathedral, the Kremlin says.
12 hours ago
At least eight people are killed as suicide bombers target a Methodist church service in Quetta.
12 hours ago
François Gabart cuts more than six days off the record for fastest solo sail around the globe.
11 hours ago
Family members say they had concerns about the health of the infants before they died.
21 hours ago
South Africa's governing party will vote to decide who will lead it after President Jacob Zuma.
14 hours ago
A Trump ally says investigators on the Russia inquiry unlawfully obtained thousands of emails.
11 hours ago
Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead at their home in Toronto, Canada, in unclear circumstances.
8 hours ago
Rebecca Dykes' body was found on Saturday and she had been strangled, police sources say.
10 hours ago
At least 23 people are missing on the island of Biliran where rocks "as big as cars" were dislodged.
23 hours ago
Chan Han Choi, 59, is arrested and charged with breaching sanctions and weapons laws.
10 hours ago
The specially designed barrel-shaped carriages rotate as it ascends precipitous mountain slopes.
2 days ago
After a sluggish first round, the second in Chile's presidential election looks set to be a nail biter.
13 hours ago
Special barrel-shaped carriages allow the floors to tilt as it climbs.
10 hours ago
François Gabart is welcomed home after breaking the record for fastest solo lap around the world.
1 day ago
Meet Samantha Sorillo of Miami, the woman who is backing African-American gun clubs.


Is tap water in Macau safe to drink?

Water samples at some 90 sampling points across the supply network are randomly selected by Macao Water and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) lab on a daily basis.

Where does your water come from?

In end-2016, Macau’s total population was 644,900 and annual water consumption hit 86.70 million cubic meters. The number had been steadily rising. “Over the past decade, Macau’s population has increased by nearly 26 percent and water consumption has increased by 44 percent, with the [Taipa and Coloane] islands seeing the most significant growth in water consumption."

Red panda day out

Most Macau visitors know that in the heart of Coloane live two giant pandas and their offspring. But many are not aware that two red pandas have recently taken up residence alongside the bigger animals at the Seac Pai Van Park.