Duo cheats local man out of over MOP 13 million in online dating scam

A local man and a woman were arrested on Friday for cheating a local man out of over MOP 13 million in an online credit-for-sex scam, according to a special press conference held by the Judiciary Police (PJ) on Saturday.

14 Sep, 2020

Man lures 9 kids to take porn videos & pictures

A 30-year-old man was arrested on Monday in Taipa for luring underage children to take pornographic videos or photos of themselves and send them to him.

10 Sep, 2020

Duo cheats 23 pawnshops out of HK$191,880

Two men were arrested on Monday for defrauding 23 pawnshops in Macao and Hong Kong out of HK$191,880 by hocking counterfeit gold jewellery.

10 Sep, 2020

Customs, police & job agencies meet to stem parallel trading

The Macao Customs Service held a meeting at its headquarters with representatives from the Public Security Police and the Association of [mainland] Chinese Capital Employment Agencies (Macau) to discuss the issue of non-resident workers getting involved in parallel trading activities.

7 Sep, 2020

Septuagenarian ‘vents anger’ by exposing genitals to girl, after quarrel with wife

A 70-year-old local man exposed his private parts to a girl in a recreational area in Fai Chi Kei as a way of venting his anger last week after a quarrel with his wife.

7 Sep, 2020

38-year-old driver faces homicide charge after pedestrian dies

A 38-year-old local woman is facing a charge of negligent homicide after a 69-year-old man died after being hit by a car on Rua do Guimarães on Friday, the Public Security Police (PSP) said on Saturday.

7 Sep, 2020

Macao, Zhuhai seize parallel trading haul worth MOP 3.8 million

A haul of about 3,000 items worth about MOP 3.8 million, such as second-hand laptops and cosmetic products, were seized in Macao and Zhuhai on Tuesday after the two cities’ law enforcement agencies jointly busted an illegal parallel trading racket.

3 Sep, 2020

9 men nabbed for cheating bank out of HK$900,000 for bogus car loans

Nine men were arrested on Tuesday for conspiring to provide forged documents to defraud a local bank by applying for bogus car loans, two of which totalling HK$900,000 (MOP 926,862) were paid to the applicants.

3 Sep, 2020

2 men buy drugs online from overseas, delivery by courier

Two local men were arrested on Monday for buying drugs online from overseas and having them delivered by courier to Macao via the mainland.

2 Sep, 2020

‘Practice banknotes’ used to buy casino chips worth HK$10.6 million

Four suspects – two local men and two men from the mainland – were arrested on Saturday in Macao and Zhuhai respectively for using Hong Kong dollar practice banknotes to buy casino chips worth HK$10.6 million.

1 Sep, 2020

Man loses over 54,000 yuan after son scans QR code for game props

A middle school pupil used his father’s smartphone to scan a QR code several times, after which his father discovered that he had lost over 54,000 yuan in an online scam.

1 Sep, 2020

Couple nabbed for sham marriages

A man and a woman were arrested on 16 August when they entered the Barrier Gate checkpoint from the mainland for their alleged involvement in two bogus marriage cases.

27 Aug, 2020

11 men nabbed for sharing child porn on Facebook

Eleven Nepali security guards were detained for questioning by the Judiciary Police (PJ) on Monday for sharing a child porn video on Facebook, and seven of them admitted to committing the crime.

26 Aug, 2020

Child sexual abuse cases double in H1

The police recorded 10 child sexual abuse cases in the first half of this year, double the number compared with the same period of last year.

21 Aug, 2020

9 caught in parallel trading involving goods worth MOP 2.4 million

Nine suspects were caught on Monday for parallel trading in violation of the External Trade Law, resulting in the confiscation of a total of 2,700 luxury brand cosmetics, handbags and clothes worth MOP 2.4 million, the Macao Customs Services said in a statement this week.

7 Aug, 2020

5 cheat continuing education subsidy scheme out of MOP 1.76 million

Four men and a woman were arrested on Wednesday for using forged documents to cheat the government’s continuing education subsidy scheme out of MOP 1.76 million (US$223,000), Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesman Chan Wun Man said during a special press conference on Thursday.

31 Jul, 2020

2 men busted in Macao’s first ‘K2’ drug case

A local man and a Filipino were arrested this week for buying and selling a newly classified type of drug commonly known as “K2” with police seizing a total of 7.39 grammes of the drug with an estimated street value of MOP 22,000, Judiciary Police (PJ) Leng Kam Lon said during Thursday's special press conference.

24 Jul, 2020

Hotel worker arrested for filming upskirt video

A male non-resident worker was arrested on Tuesday for using his smartphone to film an upskirt video of a local woman, Public Security Police (PSP) spokesman Choi Iok Kin said during a regular press conference on Wednesday. 

23 Jul, 2020

Hong Kong man cheated out of HK$230,000 in facemask fraud

A local man was arrested on Monday for cheating a Hong Kong man out of HK$230,000 he had been given as a deposit to purchase facemasks.

22 Jul, 2020

Dealer steals 3 chips worth HK$70,000

A female dealer was arrested on Sunday for stealing a HK$50,000 chip while on duty, Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesman Lai Man Vai said at a regular press conference on Monday.

21 Jul, 2020