Chief Executive doesn’t worry about World Heritage listing

Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On said Wednesday he does not think that the UNESCO-listed Macau Historic Centre will be removed from the UNESCO World Heritage Site listing, so he doesn’t worry about the matter.

22 Jun, 2017

Record 25 lists vie in direct election

A record 25 groups have submitted nomination signatures to stand in the upcoming direct election of 14 seats in the legislature by popular vote, while six groups have submitted nomination signatures for the indirect election whose 12 seats will be chosen by registered association representatives, official data showed Tuesday.

21 Jun, 2017

Scholar tries third time to get into legislature

Macau Civic Power (ECM) Chairwoman Agnes Lam lok Fong submitted 500 registered voters' signatures endorsing her group's candidacy in the upcoming elections to the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee (CAEAL) Monday. The direct and indirect legislative elections will take place on Sunday, September 17.

20 Jun, 2017

Portugal fire

Chui Sai On conveys condolences to Portugal’s president

Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On expressed his deep sadness and condolences over the many lives lost to wildfires in central Portugal on Monday.

20 Jun, 2017

Legislature passes sex crime bill

The Legislative Assembly (AL) has passed a government-initiated amendment bill on sex crimes listed in the Macau Penal Code, which is slated to take effect 60 days after its promulgation in' the Official Gazette (BO).

19 Jun, 2017

Macau’s base rate rises to 1.5 pct after Fed move

The Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM) said in a statement that it raised its base rate of the discount window Thursday by 25 basis points to 1.5 percent. It has been the fourth time for Macau’s quasi-central bank to raise the policy rate since December 2015

16 Jun, 2017

Record number of lists vie for seats in legislature

The number of groups who have submitted nomination signatures to the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee (CAEAL) already exceeds the number of lists who ran in the last direct election, official data showed Wednesday.

15 Jun, 2017

Macau Greater Bay Area participation

Government collects residents’ opinions on city’s Greater Bay Area participation

The local government announced on Tuesday that it started to collect residents’ opinions on Macau’s participation in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

14 Jun, 2017

Belt and Road initiative

Belt and Road initiative to ensure bright development for Macau

The nation’s former foreign minister Li Zhaoxing said on Thursday that the Belt and Road Initiative was paving the way for an even brighter development for Macau.

9 Jun, 2017

Macau Gung Luen blue book

Union’s blue book calls for workers’ livelihood protection

The Macau Federation of Trade Unions (commonly known as Gung Luen) announced the launch of a ‘blue book’ on labour relations and employee interests.

7 Jun, 2017

Forum Macau new coordinator

Mok Iun Lei appointed coordinator of the Support Office of the Forum Macao

Mok Iun Lei, the newly-appointed coordinator of the Support Office of the Permanent Secretariat of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (PSCs)

6 Jun, 2017

Cooperation and Development Fund between China and Portuguese-speaking countries

US$1 billion China-Portuguese-speaking countries fund headquarters moves to Macau

The local headquarters of the Cooperation and Development Fund between China and Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs) was officially opened on Thursday.

2 Jun, 2017

Foxconn cooperation with Macau

President of Foxconn considers cooperation with Macau

Macau and Zhuhai have great potential for cooperation in the tourism and healthcare industries, including the production of cosmetics, the president of Taiwanese group Foxconn said to Macau's chief executive Chui Sai On

1 Jun, 2017

People’s Liberation Army Macau Garrison

Macau government and the People’s Liberation Army to hold joint summer camp

The local government and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Macau Garrison will jointly organise a summer camp for local university students for the first time, the Tertiary Education Services Office (GAES) said in a statement.

31 May, 2017

Macau's legislative assembly elections

Legislative intent reigns supreme says Committee

The Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee (CAEAL) said on Sunday that in the case of any discrepancies between the Chinese and Portuguese versions of a piece of legislation it is lawmakers’ original legislative intent that reigns supreme.

29 May, 2017

taxi fares

Transport chief backs taxi fares hike

Transport Bureau (DSAT) Director Lam Hin San said on Thursday that the bureau agreed to raise the city’s taxi fares, proposing the flagfall be increased and the distance for incremental charges be shortened.

26 May, 2017

Legislative Assembly

Chan vows to review Election Law, draft bills more carefully

Secretary for Administration and Justice Sonia Chan Hoi Fan said on Thursday the government would review the Legislative Assembly Election Law, with the aim of checking whether there are discrepancies between the Portuguese and Chinese versions of the law.

26 May, 2017

Procurement Law

Procurement law changes aim for transparency says government

Secretary for Economy and Finance Lionel Leong Vai Tac said that the government’s plan to amend a decree-law regulating the government’s procurement of goods and services aims to improve the transparency of the government’s procurement procedures.

23 May, 2017

Macau delegation attends the “Belt and Road” Forum in Beijing

Macau Chief Executive Chui Sai On will lead a delegation from the Special Administrative Region to Beijing to take part in the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, to be held on 14 and 15 May

11 May, 2017

Zhang Dejiang University of Macau

Zhang encourages students with ‘3 hopes’

National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang urged Macau’s young people to nurture “three hopes”, urging them to link their goals to the nation’s development, learn more about the country’s history and achievements, and be the inheritors of the “one country, two systems” principle.

11 May, 2017