Kou Hoi In set to be new president of Legislative Assembly

Sources said that Kou was the most suitable replacement of Ho Iat Seng, who resigned from the legislature earlier this month so that he can run for chief executive in next month’s election.

15 Jul, 2019

Social credit system will not be implemented in Macau

The non-implementation of the system is due to Macau’s status as one of the nation’s two SAR's that in line with the “One Country, Two Systems".

15 Jul, 2019

Macau’s surveillance system has cost MOP282 million so far

According to the plan for the first four phases of “Eyes in the Sky,” the project includes the installation of 1,620 cameras at different locations across Macau.

12 Jul, 2019

Minimum wage policy ‘not’ discriminatory says Chan Chak Mo

“If they think MOP4,000, the average income of Macau’s domestic helpers, is not enough they can go to Hong Kong, where it [the average wage of domestic helpers] is HKD4,300,” said Chan Chak Mo.

12 Jul, 2019

‘No simple task’ to discuss new contracts with the 2 bus operators

In late July last year, the government reviewed its service provider contracts with Transmac and TCM for another 15 months. The current contracts for the two operators will expire on October 31.

11 Jul, 2019

Chui vows local development to ‘join hands’ with BRI

Chief Executive On pledgedthat the local government will “actively” participate in the national development strategy, “actively” cooperate with the central government’s initiatives, and “organically combine” the local government’s 5-year-plan with the BRI and the GBA project.

10 Jul, 2019

Ho and 2 other Chief Executive pre-candidates pick up nomination forms

The nomination period for the 5th chief executive election runs until July 23 and three potential candidates, former Legislative Assembly president Ho Iat Seng, the owner of the Macao Iao Kei Motor Air-conditioning & Engineering Company, Chan Weng Fu, and unemployed resident Lei Oi Chi picked up their nomination forms Monday, the first day for the forms to be handed out.

9 Jul, 2019

Ho Iat Seng leaves legislature, urging it to meet residents’ expectations

Chief executive candidate Ho Iat Seng bade farewell to lawmakers on Friday following his resignation from the Legislative Assembly (AL), saying that as he has decided to run for Macau’s top post, he chose to quit the legislature instead of merely suspending his seat.

8 Jul, 2019

Qingmao checkpoint’s budget rises to 4 billion patacas: lawmaker

The latest budget for the Qingmao border checkpoint project – which will consist of the Macau checkpoint building and the Zhuhai checkpoint building – now stands at four billion patacas, but the amount does not include the purchase and installation of border clearing equipment and the construction of the Zhuhai-side building.

5 Jul, 2019

CCAC receives complaint about policy research bureau chief

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) confirmed to the media on Saturday that it has received a letter from staff members of the Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau (DSEPDR) complaining about its director Mi Jian for his alleged nepotism in the recruitment of staff members for the bureau and other alleged offences.

1 Jul, 2019

FM commissioner urges local citizens to co-build ‘consular protection great wall’

Foreign Ministry Commissioner in Macau Shen Beili said that with the implementation of the “One Country, Two Systems” principle and the development of Macau’s economy, there are more and more Macau citizens going abroad for studying, travelling, doing business and visiting relatives, adding that protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Macau citizens abroad is the FM commissioner office’s important duty.

28 Jun, 2019

Nomination for CE candidates to run from July 8-23

Chief Executive Electoral Affairs Commission President Song Man Lei said Tuesday that the nomination period for chief executive candidates has been set from July 8 to July 23.

26 Jun, 2019

1/5 of CE Election Committee members are newbies

About one-fifth of the 400 members of the Chief Executive Election Committee are newcomers, according to the committee’s name list.

25 Jun, 2019

Macau, Jiangmen to co-promote GBA: govt

Alexis Tam said that the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) is providing “a more concrete foundation and a wider platform” for cooperation between Macau and Jiangmen.

21 Jun, 2019

Public welcome to visit Ho’s CE campaign office: campaign chief

Members of the public are welcome to visit Ho Iat Seng’s chief executive campaign office, the official representative of his election campaign.

21 Jun, 2019

Macau-Portugal extradition deal excludes political crimes

The Macau-Portugal agreement on the extradition of fugitive offenders excludes those wanted for political crimes or facing capital punishment.

20 Jun, 2019

Ho launches CE candidacy with ‘strong sense of mission’

Legislative Assembly (AL) President Ho Iat Seng formally announced his bid for chief executive on Tuesday, in “a strong desire and sense of mission” to serve the nation, and Macau and its residents.

19 Jun, 2019

Ho to present CE election platform this morning

Legislative Assembly (AL) President Ho Iat Seng will present his chief executive election platform during a press conference at Macau Tower this morning.

18 Jun, 2019

Voter turnout for CE Election Committee reaches 87 pct

A total of 5,001 voters representing over 500 associations elected 344 members of the 400-member Chief Executive Election Committee among 350 candidates – just six more than the number of seats available.

17 Jun, 2019

Macau’s top lawyer backs HK’s anti-extradition bill protesters

Macau Lawyers Association (AAM) President Jorge Neto Valente said that if he had been in Hong Kong last Sunday, he would have supported the protesters against the (the Hong Kong government’s proposed extradition) law.”

14 Jun, 2019