Ho announces political platform

Ho Iat Seng's political platform is to focuses on economy and people’s livelihood.

12 Aug, 2019

Ho pledges to streamline public administration

Chief executive candidate Ho Iat Seng — if he succeeds in his election bid — will streamline Macau’s public administration system.

11 Aug, 2019

Ho calls for ‘healthy’ development of gaming sector

Chief executive candidate Ho Iat Seng called for the “healthy” development of the gaming industry and also for tightening its supervision.

11 Aug, 2019

Banker-cum-civic leader elected legislature’s 2nd secretary

Alan Ho Ion Sang was elected second secretary of the executive board of the Legislative Assembly.

8 Aug, 2019

Sonia Chan says current election systems ‘suitable for Macau’

The current systems to elect the chief executive and legislators are suitable for Macau.

7 Aug, 2019

Government drops bill on MOP 60 billion ‘sovereign wealth fund’

The controversial bill proposing the transfer of MOP 60 billion for setting-up MSAR Investment and Development Fund is to be withdrawn from Wednesday's plenary session agenda.

6 Aug, 2019

By-election budget set at 3.28 million patacas: govt

The overall budget for November’s by-election of an indirectly-elected seat in the Legislative Assembly has been set at 3.28 million patacas.

2 Aug, 2019

PLA garrison vows to ‘unswervingly’ protect Macau

Commander Xu Liangcai pointed out that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the stationing of a garrison of the People’s Liberation Army in Macau.

2 Aug, 2019

Government proposes 60 billion pataca ‘sovereign wealth fund’

The government plans to set up the local version of a “sovereign wealth fund” with a proposed capital of 60 billion patacas.

29 Jul, 2019

MSAR flag to fly at half-mast to mourn Li Peng

Macau flag will be flown at half-mast today to mourn the passing of the nation’s former premier Li Peng.

29 Jul, 2019

Ho has been accepted as nominee for CE election: Song

Former Legislative Assembly president Ho Iat Seng has been accepted by the commission as a nominee for running in next month’s chief executive election.

26 Jul, 2019

Ho Iat Seng gets backing from 95% of CE Election Committee members

Ho Iat Seng’s election as Macau’s third chief executive next month is a done deal, as he has secured the backing of 94.5% of the Chief Executive Election Committee.

23 Jul, 2019

13 locals plan to run for chief executive

13 local residents plan to run in the chief executive election next month and have picked up nomination forms.

22 Jul, 2019

Kou elected president of legislature with over 90 per cent of votes

Kou Hoi In was elected president of the Legislative Assembly by his peers on Wednesday, with 90. 6 per cent of the votes cast, succeeding chief executive hopeful Ho Iat Seng who resigned from the legislature early this month.

18 Jul, 2019

Schedule of by-election procedures are ready according to the government

The schedule for the by-election of a vacant business-sector seat in the Legislative Assembly is scheduled to be held on November 24.

18 Jul, 2019

Government redrafts civil protection bill

The government has presented a new draft of its civil protection framework bill to the legislature which no longer refers to “groundless” information or news or those “with ulterior motives”.

15 Jul, 2019

Kou Hoi In set to be new president of Legislative Assembly

Sources said that Kou was the most suitable replacement of Ho Iat Seng, who resigned from the legislature earlier this month so that he can run for chief executive in next month’s election.

15 Jul, 2019

Social credit system will not be implemented in Macau

The non-implementation of the system is due to Macau’s status as one of the nation’s two SAR's that in line with the “One Country, Two Systems".

15 Jul, 2019

Macau’s surveillance system has cost MOP282 million so far

According to the plan for the first four phases of “Eyes in the Sky,” the project includes the installation of 1,620 cameras at different locations across Macau.

12 Jul, 2019

Minimum wage policy ‘not’ discriminatory says Chan Chak Mo

“If they think MOP4,000, the average income of Macau’s domestic helpers, is not enough they can go to Hong Kong, where it [the average wage of domestic helpers] is HKD4,300,” said Chan Chak Mo.

12 Jul, 2019