Social Affairs

15-year-old Wuhan boy confirmed as the sixth coronavirus case in Macau

The boy is the son of one of the confirmed patients who contracted the coronavirus on Sunday.

27 Jan, 2020

Special measures imposed for visitors from Wuhan

Only residents from the Hubei province who have a medical certificate stating that they are not infected with coronovirus will be allowed to enter Macau.

26 Jan, 2020

Government confirms 5 cases of coronavirus so far in Macau

The Macau Health Bureau has confirmed this morning that there are three new cases of the coronavirus in Macau.

26 Jan, 2020

Avoid all cinemas and concerts and wear masks in public

Kindergartens, schools, universities, libraries and cultural venues will be closed until at least the 10th February.

25 Jan, 2020

Schools are closed until February 10 due to coronavirus cases

The Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) announced that all non-tertiary education schools in Macao will be closed at least until 10th February due to the coronavirus cases.

24 Jan, 2020

Chief Executive: Coronavirus outbreak may peak after CNY

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng did not rule out the possibility of forcing the closure of casinos in the coming days, as the government anticipates that the novel coronavirus outbreak will peak over the Chinese New Year period. Non-residents are also now covered by mask rationing

24 Jan, 2020

Government hopes to revitalise inner harbour area with Wanzai ferry route

The reopening of the ferry route between the Inner Harbor and the Wanzai Port in Zhuhai is expected to help revitalize the area of the Inner Harbor.

24 Jan, 2020

No reason to ban visitors from Wuhan, said Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said Thursday afternoon that there is no reason to ban visitors from Wuhan or other cities in China from entering Macau.

23 Jan, 2020

Temperature tests start today for those leaving or entering Macau

The Government has reinforced border prevention measures with temperature controls ⁠— those with fevers can neither leave nor enter the Special Administrative Region.

23 Jan, 2020

Macau registers second case of Wuhan coronavirus

Second confirmed case of the Wuhan coronavirus in Macau.

23 Jan, 2020

Government orders 20 million masks after 1st Wuhan virus case confirmed

Locals can each buy a maximum of 10 surgical masks every 10 days at designated pharmacies upon presentation of their Macau ID card starting Thursday night.

23 Jan, 2020

Cybersecurity Law implementation
’not a mere formality’: Ho

In the first meeting of the newly-established Cybersecurity Commission earlier this week, Chief Executive Ho lat Seng, who chairs the commission, underlined that the implementation of the new Cybersecurity Law “is not a mere formality”.

23 Jan, 2020

Wuhan viral pneumonia confirmed in Macau

The first Wuhan viral pneumonia case in Macau has been confirmed.

22 Jan, 2020

New centre to strengthen response to Wuhan pneumonia outbreak: government

The local government announced the immediate setting-up of a centre tasked with responding to the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak and coordinating the local authorities’ measures to tackle the public health menace.

22 Jan, 2020

Up to 755 passengers can use Inner Harbour ferry pier simultaneously

The Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal can accommodate up to 755 arriving and departing passengers simultaneously.

22 Jan, 2020

Government pledges vigilance on Wuhan pneumonia virus

The government reassures the public that it has improved preventive work to minimise risks affecting Macau.

21 Jan, 2020

Lawmakers pass Judiciary Police bill creating 7 new units

Government-initiated bill amendment proposes to expressly grant the Judiciary Police “exclusive competence” to investigate crimes endangering national security and crimes related to cybersecurity.

21 Jan, 2020

Public bus passengers rise 6% to record 230 million in 2019

Some 230 million public bus passengers were recorded last year, a new record, a year-on-year increase of over 6%.

17 Jan, 2020

‘Wuhan virus’ contingency plans
 in place for CNY: government

Contingency plans in place for the provision of medical services and epidemic prevention measures, considering the large flow of visitors expected to Macau over the Chinese New Year holidays which start late next week.

17 Jan, 2020

Bay Area bridge deploys 216 buses for holiday travel rush

A total of 216 shuttle buses with 12,000 seats have been deployed for trips on the mega Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to meet rising demand during the Spring Festival travel rush until February 18.

16 Jan, 2020