Social Affairs

Anima president to step down

Albano Martins, founder and president of Anima Macau, will be stepping down from his position at the animal rights group this July.

29 Jun, 2020

COVID-19 pushes up jobless rate

The economic impact of COVID-19 pushed up Macao residents' unemployment rate by 0.3 percentage points to 3.4% between March and May from the February–April survey period.

28 Jun, 2020

Residents returning from 6 countries need certification confirming they are COVID-19 negative

From today, Macao residents arriving from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines and transferring to Macao via special ferry need certification saying they have tested negative from COVID-19.

26 Jun, 2020

46th imported COVID-19 case confirmed

The Macao government confirmed tonight the city’s 46th COVID-19 case, a 57-year-old Filipino Macao resident.

26 Jun, 2020

Ho expects cash handout to continue next year

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has told reporters he expects to continue the government's annual cash handout next year, while public servants' salaries would probably not be raised in 2021. 

26 Jun, 2020

Taiwan allow international travellers to transit through the island

Taiwan allow from Thursday international travellers – including from Hong Kong and Macau – to transit through the island.

26 Jun, 2020

90 social service facilities to gradually reopen next week

Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) Deputy Director Daniel Tang Iok Wa announced that some 90 social service facilities of various kinds in the city will reopen in phases from next Wednesday.

25 Jun, 2020

New IT service point at Pac On Immigration Services Building for Zhuhai quarantine waiver

A new service point will be set up at the police’s Immigration Services Building in Pac On in Taipa where staff will help residents who are unable to use IT devices fill in the local government’s online application for the Zhuhai government’s quarantine waiver.

25 Jun, 2020

UM, HKBU make new discovery in Alzheimer pathogenesis

The study – which suggests a potential new therapeutic strategy for treating the disease – has been published online by the authoritative international academic journal Autophagy.

25 Jun, 2020

CTM says full 5G outdoor coverage at month-end

The installation of a 5G network for full outdoor coverage will be completed at the end of this month and introduce a string of new technologies.

24 Jun, 2020

DSAL promotes paid internships for university graduates

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) said in a statement on Tuesday that it is promoting a paid internship “career experience” scheme for local university graduates.

24 Jun, 2020

Travel bubble plan for Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong province stalls over technical issues

Hong Kong’s plan to form a travel bubble with Macao and neighbouring Guangdong province on mainland China has stalled over technical issues.

23 Jun, 2020

NAT scheme can cope with rising demand

The local government says current COVID-19 testing capability of its nucleic acid testing (NAT) scheme will be able to meet the increasing demand for the tests resulting from the new quarantine waiver granted to all Macao non-resident workers living in Zhuhai.

23 Jun, 2020

Macao non-resident workers living in Zhuhai exempted from quarantine from today

The Macao government will exempt from today all Macao non-resident workers living in Zhuhai from the current 14-day quarantine imposed on non-resident workers from the mainland.

22 Jun, 2020

No COVID-19 cases in Macao for 74 days

As of Sunday, Macao had not confirmed a new COVID-19 case for 74 consecutive days. All of Macao’s 45 COVID-19 patients have been discharged from hospital.

22 Jun, 2020

3 Filipino cleaners suffer heatstroke at hospital

Three outsourced cleaners – all Filipinos – working at the public Conde S. Januário Hospital Centre passed out outside the hospital after lunch on Saturday, possibly suffering heatstroke.

22 Jun, 2020

Filipino found dead while on duty at satellite station

A 38-year-old security guard from the Philippines was found unresponsive by his colleague at a satellite station in Coloane’s Hác Sá area on Sunday.

22 Jun, 2020

Hong Kong security chief meets Macao CE to learn about national security

Hong Kong's Secretary for Security u visited Macao Friday for a meeting with Chief Executive to learn about the city's work in safeguarding national security and its latest development.

20 Jun, 2020

Health Bureau passes 504 health voucher fraud cases for prosecution

Since the launch of the Health Bureau (SSM) annual medical subsidy programme – known as health vouchers – in 2009, its officials have carried out 3,711 inspections in private clinics and medical institutions that have joined the programme and transferred 504 cases to the Public Prosecution Office (MP) for allegedly defrauding the government through the illegal use of the vouchers.

19 Jun, 2020

Filipino nationals face quarantine ‘hurdle’ once home

The Macau International Airport saw hundreds of passengers on Thursday – an oddity during the pandemic – as 362 stranded Filipino nationals flew home after being stranded in the city for up to four months.

19 Jun, 2020