Social Affairs

USJ Macau

USJ moves to new campus this week

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) is moving in to its new campus located at Ilha Verde, as planned. Although significant damage was caused to the new campus by the passage of the recent typhoons.

6 Sep, 2017

Macau torrential rains

Torrential rain causes wall collapse

Part of a brick wall near the CEM headquarters collapsed during torrential rain in the early hours of Monday.

5 Sep, 2017

macau dead fish

3 tonnes of dead fish found in Macau’s coastal waters

The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) said that its staff members removed a total of three tonnes of dead fish from the waters off Fai Chi Kei and Ilha Verde on Monday.

5 Sep, 2017

Macau legislative elections

Official legislative election campaign kicks off

Candidates running in the September 17 legislative elections and their supporters gathered in Praça do Tap Seac around midnight on Friday to mark the official start of the two-week official campaign period by putting up their respective electoral groups’ campaign posters.

4 Sep, 2017

Sands China typhoon Hato relief

Sands China to donate MOP 65 million for typhoon Hato relief

Gaming operator Sands China Ltd. said in a statement on Friday that it will donate MOP 65 million to assist with long-term relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts in Macau in the aftermath of Typhoon Hato.

4 Sep, 2017


‘Low probability’ for No. 8 signal on Sunday

No. 3 signal will be hoisted on Friday night or in the early hours of Sunday but there is a “low probability” that the No. 8 signal will be hoisted.

1 Sep, 2017

damaged vehicles

Government to cut tax for Hato-hit vehicle owners

Government will launch a vehicle tax reduction scheme for vehicle owners affected by Typhoon Hato if they buy a new one to replace the vehicles damaged

1 Sep, 2017

cat's paradise

Typhoon Hato damages Cats’ Paradise in Coloane

Anima said that over 100 residents had offered to temporarily look after one or two of the cats that usually stay at the group’s Cats’ Paradise, a feline shelter in Coloane, which was seriously damaged by Typhoon Hato last Wednesday.

31 Aug, 2017

water supplies

Gastroenteritis up ‘significantly’ after Hato

The number of patients seeking treatment for gastroenteritis at Kiang Wu Hospital has risen “significantly” after Typhoon Hato hit Macau last Wednesday

30 Aug, 2017

Fong Soi Kun

CCAC probes weather station over Hato fiasco

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) announced  that it has launched an investigation into the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) over its forecasting and internal management, especially over former SMG director Fong Soi Kun’s controversial handling of deadly Typhoon Hato.

29 Aug, 2017

Disaster comittee

New committee to review disaster response

The government has set up a committee with the aim of reviewing its existing mechanism to tackle disasters and coming up with measures.

29 Aug, 2017

water supplies

Most water and power supplies back to normal

The government announced over the weekend that the city’s water and electricity supplies are back to normal, admitting that, however, the supplies to some residential buildings had not yet been restored

28 Aug, 2017

typhoon pakhar macau

No damage or injuries caused by tropical storm Pakhar in Macau

Tropical storm Pakhar lashed Macau with strong winds but no severe damage or injuries have been sustained. Typhoon no. 8 lasted seven hours between 6am and 1pm on Sunday.

27 Aug, 2017

Typhoon signal 1 raised and parts of the city still without power

The typhoon signal 1 was hoisted by the Macau meteorological and geophysical bureau at 11:30am this morning as tropical storm Pakhar approches the territory.

26 Aug, 2017

PLA deployed in Macau

People’s Liberation Army deployed and another typhoon on the way

For the first time since the handover in 1999, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been deployed on the streets of Macau.

25 Aug, 2017

Macau typhoon Hato

Chief Executive apologizes to residents for “not doing enough”

“In facing this disaster, we admit that we have not done enough, there is room for improvement. Here I represent the MSAR government in expressing our apologies to the residents,” Chui said.

25 Aug, 2017

Macau water supply

Water back in taps by Saturday

Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) Director Susanna Wong Soi Man said on Thursday that the city’s tap water supply would be fully restored in one or two days.

24 Aug, 2017

water supplies

Local water supplies expected to last until next week

Alexis Tam said at a press conference this afternoon that Macau is facing a water scarcity crisis after typhoon Hato hit Macau on Wednesday.

24 Aug, 2017

Typhoon Hato Macau

Meteorological Bureau Director resigns after typhoon Hato hits Macau

The announcement was made during a press conference with the Chief Executive, Secretaries and directors of services.

24 Aug, 2017

Typhoon Hato kills 6 and injures 150 in Macau

Six people were killed and about 150 were injured when Macau was hammered by Typhoon Hato Wednesday with a wind speed of 240 km/h at one point, coupled with high tide that caused severe flooding in low-lying areas, causing a city-wide blackout, water supply stoppages and telecommunication breakdowns.

23 Aug, 2017