Social Affairs

Government proposes framework bill for elderly rights

Executive Council spokesman Leong Heng Teng said Thursday that the council has completed its discussion of a government-drafted bill on the framework for the protection of senior citizens’ rights.

13 Oct, 2017

Macau IFT postgraduate programmes

IFT plans to launch postgraduate programmes

Institute for Tourism Studies President Fanny Vong Chuk Kwan said on Wednesday that her tertiary education institution plans to launch postgraduate degree programmes.

12 Oct, 2017

Macau public housing

Government expects to meet public housing demand in 2023

The government said Tuesday it expects the number of public housing units to meet demand in 2023.

11 Oct, 2017

241 taxi offences over Golden Week holiday: police

The Public Security Police (PSP) Tuesday said in a statement that they cracked 241 cases of offences by taxi drivers over the National Day-Mid-Autumn Festival Super Golden Week holiday, 90 percent of which involved overcharging and refusing passengers.

11 Oct, 2017

Government starts ICT products recycling Scheme

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) is launching a one-year pilot scheme today for the recycling of computers, mobile phones, televisions and various other ICT (information and communications technology) products.

10 Oct, 2017

macau golden week visitors

Macau Golden Week visitors increase 11.6% year-on-year

Macau recorded 844,522 visitor arrivals during the mainland’s National Day Golden Week holiday from October 1-7, an increase of 11.6 percent year-on-year.

9 Oct, 2017

Las Vegas massacre macau

Local authorities to pay close attention to casino security after Las Vegas massacre

The Macau authorities are paying close attention to Sunday’s massacre in Las Vegas and have requested that security measures at local casinos and other gaming venues are strengthened

4 Oct, 2017

Macau higher bus fares

Non-residents may pay higher bus fares in the future

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works said on Sunday that the government is studying a proposal that would see non-residents paying more to get on a bus. According to the Macau Television (TDM), Raimundo do Rosário said the proposal is a way of showing “positive discrimination” towards Macau residents. If the move goes ahead … Continue reading "Non-residents may pay higher bus fares in the future"

1 Oct, 2017

Macau shark fin

Macau shark fin imports from Hong Kong increased by 62% in 2016

Shark fin re-exports from Hong Kong to Macau rose a staggering 62 percent year-on-year in 2016, up to 143,396 kilos from 88,029 kilos in 2015. This is the first time re-exports to Macau exceeded those to mainland China.

27 Sep, 2017

Macau domestic violence

Macau domestic violence cases drop by 33%

Tang also said physical abuse cases accounted for 66.7 percent of the total, while abuse in more than one form accounted for 17.5 percent, mental abuse for 7 percent, sexual abuse for 5.2 percent and child neglect for 3.5 percent.

27 Sep, 2017

Over 70% of infants use e-gadgets in Macau

More than 70 percent of local children were given the devices before reaching 18 months while 98.7 percent started using them before the age of three.

26 Sep, 2017

Grand Lisboa Palace fire

Police investigate 2nd Grand Lisboa Palace fire this year

The Judiciary Police said on Sunday they have launched an investigation into a suspicious fire at SJM's Grand Lisboa Palace, in Cotai, construction site on Saturday night.

25 Sep, 2017

Macau Raymond Tam Vai Man

Environmental protection chief now also in charge of meteorological bureau

Director Raymond Tam Vai Man to be appointed director of the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) for a one-year term while remaining in his existing post.

21 Sep, 2017

Hato insurance claims reach 2.9 billion patacas: new monetary chief

Newly-appointed Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM) President Benjamin Chan Sau San said Tuesday the latest figures showed that the insurance claims filed in the wake of Super Typhoon Hato have reached 2.9 billion patacas (US$ 363 million).

20 Sep, 2017

Irish head of Qing government customs twice tried to buy back Macau

Sir Robert Hart, the Irish Director-General of the Qing government’s Imperial Maritime Customs, twice tried to buy back Macau from Portugal in the 19th century.

17 Sep, 2017

Brazilian woman arrested at the airport with two kilos of cocaine

For the second time this week, police have arrested a Brazilian woman for smuggling cocaine into Macau.

17 Sep, 2017

Macau drugs

Brazilian woman caught at Macau airport with 1.76 kg of cocaine

The Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested a young Brazilian woman on Thursday at the airport for smuggling 1.76 kilogrammes of cocaine into Macau at the behest of her boyfriend.

15 Sep, 2017

Macau reclaimed land

Engineers propose higher embankment for reclaimed land

A senior member of the Macau Institution of Engineers, Leong Hong Sai, said on Thursday that his group was proposing reclaiming land along the west coast of the peninsula 5.5 metres higher than the current sea level.

15 Sep, 2017

Air Asia Macau

Macau is a priority for Air Asia carrier strategy for North Asia

The head of low-cost carrier Air Asia Tony Fernandes said on Wednesday that the airline will add five to six routes to Macau every year. He believes the Malaysian company could be able to carry almost 5 million passengers a year to Macau in the next five years.

14 Sep, 2017

Government collects 1,264 views on disaster-response mechanism

The government has gathered 1,264 opinions and suggestions from residents on the improvement of its mechanism for responding to typhoons and other major disasters, the Policy Research Office (GEP) said in a statement Tuesday.

13 Sep, 2017