Social Affairs

dengue mosquito

First local dengue case this year confirmed

The Health Bureau (SSM) confirmed the first locally-infected dengue fever case this year.

1 Aug, 2017


Government to issue ‘quad play’ licences

The government proposes to issue licences for telecom operators who provide “quadruple play” of cable television, Internet access, fixed line and mobile communication services in Macau, Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo do Rosario said on Monday.

1 Aug, 2017

Phone transfer

Account phone transfer service to be launched

The Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM) said in a statement on Sunday that a number of banks are planning to launch a mobile phone account transfer service platform which allows customers to transfer money from their bank accounts to other customers’ accounts via their mobile phones.

31 Jul, 2017

tertiary education bill

Legislature passes tertiary education bill

The Legislative Assembly (AL) passed the government’s bill on the city’s tertiary education sector, slated to come into effect only one year after its promulgation in the Official Gazette (BO), during a plenary session on Thursday.

28 Jul, 2017

macau fireworks contest

Ten teams to participate in Fireworks Contest

The 29th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest will be staged with the participation of ten internationally-renowned teams.

28 Jul, 2017

Beijing Capital Airlines

Macau-Beijing-Lisbon route takes off

The first Beijing-Macau flight from Beijing Capital Airlines landed at Macau International Airport (MIA) on Tuesday, marking the beginning of flights bringing passengers to Macau from Beijing and then to the Lisbon terminal.

26 Jul, 2017

airport land reclamation

Government asks Beijing to allow airport land reclamation

Macau Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday that the local government has requested the central government’s permission to reclaim land in the waters between the local airport’s two taxiways that link the runway and the apron.

26 Jul, 2017

human trafficking

Nepal says young girls being trafficked to Macau

Nepal's human trafficking watchdog says young girls are being trafficked to Macau. According to local broadcaster TDM, the latest report of the watchdog also reveals there have been complaints over scams related to jobs here in the special administrative region.

24 Jul, 2017

Alexis Tam

Alexis Tam wants city to become cultural exchange hub

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam Chon Weng said that the government aims to turn Macau into a “cultural exchange centre”

24 Jul, 2017

VIP room

Police bust bogus VIP room, nab 19 suspects

The police busted a fake VIP gaming room in a hotel suite in Nape on Wednesday and arrested 19 gang members from the mainland.

21 Jul, 2017

University of Macau

University of Macau admits more than 1,500 new local students

The University of Macau (UM) has completed the admission process for the 2017/18 academic year and it has admitted a total of 1,535 local students.

19 Jul, 2017

macau foundation mansion deal

FM chief says businessman didn’t profit from Lisbon mansion deal

Macau Foundation President, Wu Zhiliang, said that local businessman did not make a profit from a deal in which a palatial mansion in Lisbon was sold to the foundation.

19 Jul, 2017

Taxi fares

Taxi fares to go up on Sunday: flag fall rises 11.8 percent

Transport Bureau Director Lam Hin San announced on Monday that the city's taxi fares will be raised on Sunday, with the flagfall increased by 11.8 percent, from 17 to 19 patacas, and the distance for subsequent incremental charges to be shortened from 260 to 240 metres.

18 Jul, 2017

Anima wants dog racetrack for a year

Local animal protection group Anima urged the government to allow it to take over the greyhound racetrack in Fai Chi Kei for one year, after the Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome Co. Ltd. shuts down its business there in July next year, so that the association would have enough time to rehabilitate the greyhounds for adoption overseas.

18 Jul, 2017

Uber pulling out of Macau from Friday onwards

Uber is pulling out of Macau from the 22nd July onwards after 600 days of fruitless battles with the local regulatory body.

17 Jul, 2017

fatal accidents

20 projects suspended after 3 fatal accidents in 3 days

The Labour Affairs Bureau has ordered the full or partial suspension of 20 construction projects after inspecting 74 construction sites on Saturday.

17 Jul, 2017

Ho Chio Meng

Ho Chio Meng sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment

Former chief prosecutor Ho Chio Meng was sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment. After hearing the verdict, Ho screamed “injustice” and that “he didn't owe anything” before being removed from the court.

14 Jul, 2017

ambulances in Macau

Firemen urge residents not to abuse ambulance services

The Fire Services Bureau (CB) announced that ambulances were sent out in 19,184 cases in the first half of the year, down 2.59 percent compared to the same period last year. However, residents were asked to refrain from calling out an ambulance for non-urgent cases.

14 Jul, 2017

Gaming Crime

Casino revenue drop pushes up gaming crime

Judiciary Police Director, Chau Wai Kuong, said that the recent rise in gaming-related loan-sharking cases and gaming-related false imprisonment cases was partially due to the drop in gaming revenues over the last few years.

13 Jul, 2017

Ho Chio Meng

Ex-top prosecutor to hear verdict on Friday

Former chief prosecutor Ho Chio Meng will be sentenced on Friday afternoon, the Court of Final Appeal (TUI) announced on Tuesday.

12 Jul, 2017