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pan-democrat lawmaker barred macau

Second Hong Kong pan-democrat lawmaker barred from Macau

Democratic Party legislator Andrew Wan Siu-kin has been denied entry to Macau, making him the second lawmaker to be barred from the city in a month.

2 May, 2017

baby found in rubbish pile Macau

Parents of baby found in rubbish pile arrested

The Judiciary Police (PJ) have identified the parents of a newborn baby boy found near a trash collection point located at the junction of Avenida do Dr Francisco Vieira Machado with Travessa 1º de Maio on Areia Preta.

28 Apr, 2017

Labour Day tourists

Macau Tourism Office expects crowds on Labor Day

The Macao Government Tourism Office released a statement informing the public about their preparations for the upcoming Labor Day holidays, which will take place from April 29 to May 1. The Labor Day holidays are expected to bring many visitors from mainland China to Macau.

28 Apr, 2017


Jobless rate stays unchanged at 2 percent

Macau’s general unemployment rate in the first quarter of the year stood at 2 percent and the median earnings of employed residents amounted to 19,000 patacas a month, the Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC) announced on Thursday. The jobless rate remained unchanged from the previous employment survey (December 2016-February 2017). According to the DSEC statement, … Continue reading "Jobless rate stays unchanged at 2 percent"

28 Apr, 2017

Alexis Tam

Former and current culture chiefs face disciplinary action

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam Chon Weng said on Thursday that the government has decided that the former and current chiefs of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) will have to subject themselves to disciplinary proceedings – including ex-president Guilherme Ung Vai Meng. Tam made the remarks while speaking to reporters after attending … Continue reading "Former and current culture chiefs face disciplinary action"

28 Apr, 2017

baby found in rubbish pile Macau

Newborn boy found inside backpack in rubbish pile

A newborn Asian boy was discovered inside a zipped blue backpack amid a pile of rubbish in Areia Preta district early Wednesday morning.

27 Apr, 2017


Taipa ferry terminal finally to open by July

Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) Director Susanna Wong Soi Man said she expected the Pac On Ferry Terminal in Taipa to be finally operational by the end of this quarter.

26 Apr, 2017

Nacky Kuan

Seac Pai Van water treatment plant to start this year

Macao Water Executive Director Nacky Kuan Sio Peng said she expected that the construction of the Seac Pai Van water treatment plan in Coloane to get off the ground within this year, adding that the facility was slated to be operational in 2019.

26 Apr, 2017

82 irregularly recruited staff will be terminated by IC

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) will terminate employment contracts with 82 of its irregularly recruited staff, as stated in a report released by the Commission Against Corruption.

25 Apr, 2017

Macau legionnaires’ disease

Sands co-operates with govt on legionnaires’ disease

Three Hong Kong men who caught the potentially fatal disease were found to have stayed at The Parisian separately between December and early this month.

24 Apr, 2017

Macau's inflation in March

Macau’s inflation up 0.72% in March

Year-on-year inflation in March increased by 0.72%, higher than in February (+0.37%) mainly due to an increase in the prices of meals outside the home, school fees and gasoline, according to the Statistics and Census Bureau.

22 Apr, 2017

Macau veterinarian clinics

Vet bill won’t ban surgery in Macau veterinary clinics

The Animal Disease Prevention and Veterinarian Bill will not ban pet clinics from performing operations, but will not allow hospitalisations unless there is at least one vet standing by at the facility 24 hours a day.

21 Apr, 2017

Macau’s air quality

Air quality slightly worsens

Macau’s air quality slightly worsened last year: fewer days when air quality was “good” were recorded at a number of monitoring stations across the city last year.

19 Apr, 2017

Light Rail Transit System funding

Commentator urges government to say how it will fund LRT operation

The government should finally come up with a proposal for how it plans to fund the operation of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, bearing in mind that there are only two years left before the system is slated to start operating in 2019 said Ron Lam head of Macau Synergy Association.

18 Apr, 2017

Macau Wechat gambling

Police arrest Chinese group involved in illegal WeChat betting scheme

The Judiciary Police arrested seven mainlanders for their alleged involvement in an illegal WeChat gambling operation last week.

18 Apr, 2017

Lai Chi Vun shipyards

Reinforcement of shipyards to be ready by typhoon season

Alexis Tam said that he will request the conclusion of the necessary work to reinforce the dilapidated shipyards in Coloane before the start of the typhoon season.

13 Apr, 2017

McDonald's Macau

McDonald’s to open 3 more eateries this year

Three more McDonalds will open by the end of this year giving Macau a total of 32 of the fast-food giant’s outlets, McDonald’s Macau CEO Michelle Ho said on Tuesday.

12 Apr, 2017

Douglas DC-3 in Macau

Vintage plane Douglas DC-3 set to visit Macau

The oldest aircraft to do a world tour is set to land in Macau as part of a 54-city trek around the globe to highlight the history of the second world war plane according to South China Morning Post.

11 Apr, 2017


Mastercard joins Judiciary Police in fighting card crime

US financial services company Mastercard said in a statement on Monday that it has set up a partnership with the Macau Judiciary Police (PJ) to adopt the Mastercard Forensic Reader (MFR) to tackle card crime.

11 Apr, 2017

Albano Martins

Albano Martins faces dock over dog abuse video

Local animal protection group Anima President Albano Martins said on Sunday that he had been questioned by the police for sharing a video on social media showing a local police officer abusing his dog earlier this year.

10 Apr, 2017