Social Affairs

Wong vows to strike balance between security & minimal disruption to residents

The government will strive to cause minimal disruption to residents during the upcoming 20th anniversary celebration of Macau’s return.

27 Sep, 2019

LRT to open in Oct or Nov: Rosário

The Taipa section of the Light Rail Transit will enter commercial service next month or in November — the LRT fare system will be announced shortly before the section opens.

27 Sep, 2019

CTM expects 5G ready from mid-next year

5G services expected to be in commercial use from the middle of next year.

27 Sep, 2019

7-year-olds can use e-channels to pass checkpoints from Monday

from next Monday local and mainland residents as young as seven can use the e-channels to pass through all local border checkpoints.

27 Sep, 2019

GSK withdraws Zantac drugs from local market: Health Bureau

GSK has decided to withdraw four of its drugs sold under the brand name Zantac from the local market.

26 Sep, 2019

Endangered wildlife trade Macau aligned with international directives, insists DSE

In response to the findings by a U.K. NGO on Macau’s lack of governance in deterring the trade of endangered species, DSE has emphasised its efforts in inspection and law enforcement.

26 Sep, 2019

Macau must strengthen patriotism in response to HK protests: Edmund Ho

Former CE: In response to the adverse impact of the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests, Macau needed to strengthen its patriotism.

25 Sep, 2019

Macau lacks effective wildlife trade governance, says British NGO

TRAFFIC, an environmental non-government organisation from the U.K., expects imports of wildlife regulated under the Washington Convention into Macau will continue to rise.

25 Sep, 2019

Public consultation on alcohol sale ban to minors to be held by year-end: health chief

The Health Bureau aims to launch a public consultation on a possible ban of sales of alcohol to minors by the end of this year.

25 Sep, 2019

Chui warns Macau must be ‘very vigilant’ about ‘surrounding’ security situation

The local government must be “very vigilant” about the possible adverse impact of the “surrounding” security situation on Macau.

24 Sep, 2019

Reunification & development are ‘founding aspiration’ of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle: scholar

At a seminar held in the University of Macau, Xu Ze says that "reunification and development are the founding aspiration” of the “One Country, Two Systems” principle.

23 Sep, 2019

Neto Valente: ‘Rigid and immobile’ courts in need of reform

Valente: The local government “must now promote and support the development of Macau, with the necessary material resources, as an arbitration and mediation center.”

23 Sep, 2019

Eco bureau to set up plastic bottle recycling machines, collecting

The Environmental Protection Bureau has bought about a dozen recycling machines for the collection of used plastic bottles which will come into use at different locations in the city before the end of the year.

23 Sep, 2019

Government formally withdraws ‘sovereign wealth fund’ bill

The government formally withdrew its controversial bill which proposed the transfer of 60 billion patacas from the government’s financial reserves for the setting-up of the Macau Special Administrative Region Investment and Development Fund.

20 Sep, 2019

Government sets up website for National Day celebration

New website launched dedicated to news and information related to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China celebration.

20 Sep, 2019

90% of eligible Pearl Horizon pre-sale buyers apply to buy ‘home swap’ unit: government

The Pearl Horizon pre-sale buyers are eligible to buy a unit in its “home swap” housing project.

19 Sep, 2019

Property price reaches 116,856 patacas per square metre: official

Residential property price rose 17.7% year-on-year to 116,856 patacas per square metre last month, the highest price this year.

18 Sep, 2019

Eco-bureau to plant mangroves along Areia Preta coast to tackle stench

Environmental Protection Bureau will remove some of the polluted silt along Areia Preta district's northern coast, and plant mangroves in the remaining silt to solve “once and for all” the waterfront stench.

18 Sep, 2019

IAM opposes capture-neuter-release strategy for strays

Proposal of reintroducing the capture-neuter-release strategy for strays rejected as "unfeasible".

18 Sep, 2019

Police confirm PSP officer killed in Australian car crash

One of the two local women killed in a traffic accident in Western Australia was a PSP officer.

18 Sep, 2019