Social Affairs

Some households still without power Monday night

A number of households in the city’s flood-hit neighbourhoods following the onslaught of Super Typhoon Mangkhut were still without power Monday night due to flood-damaged electricity-supply components in their buildings.

18 Sep, 2018

Life in Macau returns to normal after Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Macau begins recovery after battered by Typhoon Mangkhut on Sunday. The typhoon caused floods in the low lying areas of the city but no casualties were reported.

17 Sep, 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut makes landfall in Mainland China after ripping through Macau

The government has registered 182 incidents, 15 injured people and 16 cases of fire in the city. Severe flooding forced the evacuation of 6,000 residents from lower areas and there are 20,000 households without power.

16 Sep, 2018

Super Typhoon hits Macau with maximum force

Macau authorities will hoist at 11 AM on Sunday typhoon signal 10 – the highest category in the city’s six-level typhoon warning system.

16 Sep, 2018

Super typhoon Mangkhut to hit Macau with maximum force Sunday at noon

Macau government announced today that it is likely to hoist Sunday afternoon typhoon signal 10 – the highest category in the city’s six-level typhoon warning system.

16 Sep, 2018

Activist is disappointed with govt’s response to anti-plastic campaign

Annie Lao Ka Wing, one of the five activists who organised the “Macau Plastic Waste and Pollution” petition, said Thursday that she was “extremely disappointed” with how the government had responded to her anti-disposable plastic campaign which had collected more than 4,700 signatures from the public last month.

14 Sep, 2018

Macau elderly home wants CE’s intervention on greyhound issue

Asilo Vila Madalena retirement home director Sister Ip Pui King said Thursday that she was ready, if necessary, to take the elderly residents with her to go and ask Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On for help to stop Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome from putting about 530 greyhounds on a plot of land just metres away from the old people’s dormitories.

14 Sep, 2018

Macau government warns typhoon Mangkhut as serious as Hato

The government said Wednesday that it did not rule out the possibility that Super Typhoon Mangkhut that is making its way to the city would have an impact on Macau as large as last year’s deadly Super Typhoon Hato.

13 Sep, 2018

High chance for No. 3 signal as tropical storm Barijat nears

he probability of the No. 3 signal being hoisted this morning is high as tropical storm Barijat moves nearer to Macau, the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) said in a statement last night, and that the probability of a No. 8 typhoon signal is medium.

12 Sep, 2018

Elderly home asks govt to scrap ‘greyhound adoption centre’ next door

Family members of elderly people living at Asilo Vila Madalena retirement home in Coloane and its director Ip Pui King went to the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) and Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) Monday to ask the government to stop Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome from moving 531 greyhounds to a plot of land just metres away from the elderly women’s dormitories.

11 Sep, 2018

No. 1 typhoon signal to be hoisted as 2 tropical cyclones approach

The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) will hoist the No.l typhoon signal this morning.

11 Sep, 2018

Macau Government confirms 6th imported dengue case

The Health Bureau (SSM) said in a statement on Saturday that it has recorded the sixth imported case of dengue fever this year.

10 Sep, 2018

Macau Customs confiscate 100kg of pangolin scales

The Macau Customs Service said in a statement Thursday that its officers had seized about 100 kilograms of pangolin scales at the Taipa Ferry Terminal in Pac On.

7 Sep, 2018

Councillor urges Macau govt to restore normal swimming pool operations

Central District Community Service Consultative Council member Luo Ping said Wednesday that the government needed to bring back the normal public swimming pool opening times as well as upgrade the quality of the service provided.

6 Sep, 2018

Yat Yuen tells old people’s home greyhounds will be ‘temporary neighbours’

Representatives from the Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome Co. Ltd. Tuesday told the elderly living at an old people’s home in Coloane and their family members that the former racetrack’s 533 greyhounds will be their “temporary neighbours” until they have gone through the adoption procedures to be flown out of Macau to their new homes overseas.

5 Sep, 2018

16-year-old boy nabbed for sex with 13-year-old: police

The Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested a 16-year-old schoolboy on Monday for having sex with a 13-year-old schoolgirl last month

5 Sep, 2018

Dealers protest for stricter casino anti-smoking enforcement

Several hundred casino workers – mostly dealers – Monday took part in a demonstration organised by the New Macau Gaming Workers’ Rights Union (New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association), calling for the government’s stricter enforcement of the anti-smoking law in local casinos.

4 Sep, 2018

Greyhounds to be housed near old people’s home

Dozens of shipping containers with cages fitted inside were seen Sunday being installed on cleared land that used to be an overgrown field located adjacent to an old people’s home in Coloane.

3 Sep, 2018

Anti-plastic petition in Macau collects over 4,700 signatures

The anti-disposable plastic campaign “Macau Plastic Waste and Pollution” says that it has collected over 4,700 signatures online and offline, with the activists’ petition delivered to the government Thursday.

31 Aug, 2018

Macau government reveals plan for former dog racetrack

The government Wednesday revealed details of a development plan for the plot in Fai Chi Kei where the former greyhound racetrack and the adjacent government-run Lin Fong Sports Centre are located, according to which the plot will be earmarked for sports, education and community service facilities as well as government office buildings.

30 Aug, 2018