Social Affairs

Health Bureau announces ‘small outbreak’ of rubella

The Health Bureau (SSM) said Wednesday that a small outbreak of rubella has occurred in Macau as 14 German measles (as the disease is also known) cases have been recorded since the beginning of this month.

11 Apr, 2019

Govt to spend 43 million patacas on new disaster relief equipment: police chief

Unitary Police Service (SPU) Commissioner-General Ma Io Kun said Tuesday that the Public Security Forces will spend 43.3 million patacas on buying new disaster relief equipment this year.

10 Apr, 2019

Non-resident worker infected with measles in Zhuhai

A non-residential worker from the mainland has been infected with measles, with the number of measles patients reaching 31 so far this year, a Health Bureau (SSM) statement said on Saturday.

8 Apr, 2019

Govt to set up urban renewal company

The Executive Council announced yesterday that the government has drafted a by-law on the establishment of a company tasked with the city’s urban renewal process.

5 Apr, 2019

Security Forces to attend anti-torture workshop

Public Security Forces personnel will attend a 5-day anti-torture workshop next week, the Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ) said in a statement  Thursday.

5 Apr, 2019

Eco bureau to launch recycling for light fittings

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) announced Wednesday that it will launch a scheme for the recycling of various light fittings in May, as well as a number of other schemes to be launched later this year with the aim of reducing waste generation.

4 Apr, 2019

Light Rail Transit firm to be set up before the middle of the year

Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo do Rosario said Tuesday he expects a fully government-owned company tasked with the construction and operation of Macau’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) system to be set up before the middle of this year.

3 Apr, 2019

First batch of 5,400 doses of MMR vaccines ‘can be used from tomorrow’

Health Bureau (SSM) Director Lei Chin Ion said yesterday that the first batch of 5,400 doses of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines that his bureau has ordered will arrive in Macau Tuesday night.

2 Apr, 2019

Ka Ho rehab hospital starts operating

The public Ka Ho Rehabilitation Hospital in Coloane came into operation Monday, providing up to 188 beds primarily for senior citizens receiving rehabilitation or palliative treatment.

2 Apr, 2019

Measles situation under control: Health Bureau

Health Bureau (SSM) Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Director Lam Chong attending Sunday’s Macau Forum as a guest speaker said his bureau has provisionally concluded that Macau’s measles situation is under control.

1 Apr, 2019

Graft busters reveal raft of criminal cases by civil servants

The Commission Against Corruption’s (CCAC) 2018 Annual Report published Wednesday revealed a string of criminal cases allegedly committed by civil servants, including two cases involving senior officials who allegedly abused their power for personal gain.

28 Mar, 2019

Last greyhounds leave racetrack kennels

The last 10 greyhounds adopted overseas left the kennels of the now defunct dog racetrack in Fai Chi Kei Tuesday, Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) President José Maria da Fonseca Tavares said.

27 Mar, 2019

Weather bureau forecasts 4-6 typhoons this year

There could be four to six tropical cyclones entering within 800 kilometres of Macau this year, and there would probably be severe typhoons among them, the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) said in a statement Tuesday.

26 Mar, 2019

Govt’s top vet suspended for abuse of power

The government’s most senior veterinarian has been suspended from his duties for alleged abuse of power and illicit involvement in business activities, local media reported late last week.

25 Mar, 2019

Govt unseals bids for 3 Cotai hospital buildings

The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) said in a statement that it expects the construction of three main buildings of the public hospital project in Cotai, officially known as Cotai Health Complex, to get off the ground in the fourth quarter of this year.

22 Mar, 2019

Macau logs fewest cold days since 1952: observatory

Just 18 days with a temperature at or below 12.5 degrees Celsius were recorded in 2018, the fewest number of cold days of any year since 1952, the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) said in a report .

22 Mar, 2019

Macau government mulls mandatory measles shots for non-local workers

The Health Bureau (SSM) is considering mandatory measles shots for non-resident workers, Lam Chong, director of the bureau’s Disease Prevention and Control Centre, said Wednesday.

21 Mar, 2019

Police bust ‘spa’ prostitution gang operating since 2014

The Judiciary Police (PJ) have busted a gang which in 2014 started to run a prostitution racket in a spa in Taipa and during the weekend operation PJ officers arrested 13 suspected gang members and took 151 people in for questioning.

19 Mar, 2019

Govt proposes charging for plastic carrier bags

Executive Council spokesman Leong Heng Teng announced Thursday that the government has drafted a bill which if approved by lawmakers would force supermarkets and other retail businesses to charge customers for their plastic carrier bags.

15 Mar, 2019

Police to use 300 more body cams next quarter

The police have purchased an additional 300 body-worn cameras for their officers and they will come into use in the next quarter, the Public Security Police (PSP) said in a statement Tuesday.

13 Mar, 2019