Social Affairs

CEM probes cause of China Plaza power cut

A power outage occurred at about 11 a.m. on Tuesday in the vicinity of China Plaza and Rua do Campo.

29 Apr, 2020

About 5,000 non-tertiary teachers and staff tested

There have been about 5,000 non-tertiary teachers and staff who have undergone nucleic acid tests in the past four days.

28 Apr, 2020

Macau 20 days without new imported COVID-19 case

Macau has had no new imported COVID-19 cases for 20 consecutive days since April 8 – one more discharged today.

28 Apr, 2020

Hong Kong quarantine extended to June

Quarantine requirements for those arriving from mainland China and Macau have been extended until June 7. This will not apply to cross-border students.

28 Apr, 2020

‘Recovered’ Filipino tests positive for COVID-19 again (Update)

A Filipino who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March and completed his hospital treatment earlier this month has tested positive twice since then.

28 Apr, 2020

IAM urges wet market vendors to cut fresh pork prices

There were huge price differences of fresh pork throughout the city’s nine wet markets – vendors urged to review whether they ought to cut prices to help the population get through these difficult times in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

28 Apr, 2020

Survey shows 10-30% supermarket price difference

A recent Consumer Council (CC) survey shows price differences for the same products of 10-30% in supermarkets and price differences between same-brand convenience stores in different districts

28 Apr, 2020

Recovered patient tests positive again for COVID-19

A recovered patient has tested positive again for the novel coronavirus before his 14-day rehabilitation period was lifted.

27 Apr, 2020

Macau 19 days without new COVID-19 case

Macau has had no new imported COVID-19 cases for 19 consecutive days since April 8 – another patient discharged.

27 Apr, 2020

COVID-19 crisis reduces non-resident workers

Macau's number of non-resident workers fell 2% between the end of January and the end of last month to 189,518, the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) announced today.

27 Apr, 2020

Government says all teachers will be tested for COVID-19

The DSEJ has decided that all local school teachers will have to be tested for COVID-19, while only the pupils who commute between Macau and Zhuhai will be subject to the test.

27 Apr, 2020

Government to consult public on civil service reform

Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong Weng Chon has told lawmakers that the government will hold a public consultation this year on its plans to reform the civil service.

27 Apr, 2020

COVID-19 pushes up jobless rate to 2.1%

Macau's general unemployment rate in the January-March employment survey period rose 0.2 percentage points to 2.1% from the previous survey period (December 2019-February 2020).

27 Apr, 2020

Macau 18 days without new COVID-19 case

Macau has had no new imported COVID-19 cases for 18 consecutive days since April 8 – 3 more patients discharged today.

26 Apr, 2020

Teachers to be tested for COVID-19 (Update)

Macau's secondary school teachers will be tested for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

25 Apr, 2020

Secondary school staff to take nucleic acid testing for class resumption preparation

About 5,000 secondary school teachers will need to take the nucleic acid test in preparation for school resumption, announced the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) at the daily press conference today. 

25 Apr, 2020

Macau 17 days without new COVID-19 case

Macau has reached 17 consecutive days without a new COVID-19 case, with another patient discharged today.

25 Apr, 2020

Macau 16 days without new COVID-19 case

Macau hasn't confirmed a single new COVID-19 in 16 days, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced at its daily press conference about the novel coronavirus disease today.

24 Apr, 2020

Taipa Ferry Terminal to become Macau airport auxiliary passenger terminal

At least four airlines are planned to use the modified Taipa Ferry Terminal (TFT) on becoming an auxiliary passenger terminal for the Macau International Airport (MIA).

24 Apr, 2020

Government mulls resuming public hospital visitations

The public hospital is studying the possible partial resumption of visitations as the COVID-19 epidemic situation in Macau has eased.

24 Apr, 2020