Social Affairs

LRT law takes effect before train service starts

Passengers violating LRT rules will face a fine of between 5,000 and 10,000 patacas.

27 Aug, 2019

Ho stays mum on paid maternity leave issue, citing status as CE candidate

Ho Iat Seng declined to comment on the government’s proposal to increase paid maternity leave from 56 to 70 days.

23 Aug, 2019

2G is history: CTM

2G network officially ended its service in Macau at midnight on Thursday.

23 Aug, 2019

One-way LRT trip takes 20 minutes

A whole one-way trip on the LRT Taipa section can take about 20 minutes.

22 Aug, 2019

Ho calls for Macau-Wanzai ferry route to divert visitor flow

Ho Iat Seng said there is a need to reopen the ferry route between Zhuhai’s Wanzai Port and Macau’s Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal, with the aim of relieving the pressure on various border checkpoints and diverting the flow of visitors.

21 Aug, 2019

Police confirm 7 questioned over banned assembly, ‘but no arrests’

Seven people were taken for questioning to a police station on Monday night for further identity — none were arrested.

21 Aug, 2019

Police question 7 over banned assembly in main square

Seven people were taken in for questioning at a police station Monday night for acting suspiciously at Largo do Senado.

20 Aug, 2019

Plastic bag law to start on November 18

The anti-plastic bag law will take effect on November 18.

20 Aug, 2019

Residential property price rises 9.7% in Q2

Average price of existing residential units rose 9.7 per cent quarter-to-quarter to 105,575 patacas in the second quarter.

19 Aug, 2019

Ho suggests setting up ‘angel fund’ to support startups

There is a need for an “angel fund” in Macau to provide local startups with capital for their initial investment.

16 Aug, 2019

Local police disallow assembly against alleged HK police violence

The Public Security Police have decided not to allow an assembly planned for next Monday in Largo do Senado.

16 Aug, 2019

PSP confirms call to protest HK police action in Senado Square

The Public Security Police Force has confirmed the existence of a poster that has been circulating on social media since Wednesday morning.

15 Aug, 2019

Raising birth rate is a social responsibility: Ho

Macau’s birth rate is declining and the city is entering the stage of an ageing society.

15 Aug, 2019

Government recruits volunteers for helping to restore disaster-hit areas

Volunteers are being recruited to provide assistance in the aftermath of a strong typhoon or storm surge, and help restore the city to normal.

15 Aug, 2019

Government authorises CEM to build, manage utility tunnels

CEM allowed to construct and manage the city’s utility tunnels.

13 Aug, 2019

Housing tops Macau’s livelihood concerns

Macau residents are most dissatisfied with the housing situation of today.

12 Aug, 2019

Lawmakers pass bill on plastic bag charge scheme

Government-initiated bill passed on the implementation of a plastic carrier bag charge scheme for retail businesses in Macau.

9 Aug, 2019

Lawmakers pass social housing bill — individual applicants must be at least 23 years old

Government-initiated bill passed on social rental housing — individual applicant for a social housing unit must be aged at least 23, while the representative of a household applying for a social housing unit must be at least 18 years old.

9 Aug, 2019

Government briefs central district body on GBA development

GBA Outline Development Plan introduced to the Central District Social Services Consultative Committee with the aim of encouraging local people to familiarise themselves with the 11-city conurbation project.

8 Aug, 2019

Government aware that suicide remains an issue

Alexis Tam assured lawmakers that the government was working to prevent suicide, although he admitted that many cases were unpreventable.

8 Aug, 2019