Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit 2016

Highest awards

The presentation ceremony of Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit 2016 was held at the Macao Cultural Centre on January 6th 2017. Cheong U and Lei Pui Lam each received the Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus and Kou Hoi In and Van Kuan Lok each received the Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus.

Chang Hexi, Forum Macao

Chang Hexi leaves Forum de Macau after 8 years in office

In recent years the Forum Macao Permanent Secretariat and its partners have sought to foster co-operation in different areas, implementing and publicising the China/Portuguese-speaking Countries Co-operation and Development Fund, besides supporting efforts to build ‘One Platform, Three Centres’.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma: Welcome to the future

The founder of Internet giant Alibaba told young people that they should make use of the World Wide Web and Big Data to turn Macao into an ‘intelligent city’, with advanced Internet and finance companies.

gaming interim report

The way forward with the Macao gaming interim report

According to the “Interim Review of Gaming Liberalisation for Games of Fortune in Macao: economical, social, livelihood impacts and operating conditions of the concessionaires”– an interim report released on 11th May 2016 – all six of Macao’s gaming operators have satisfied their contractual capital commitments.

All in

Paulo Martins Chan, Director of the DICJ is “all in” to solve Macao’s gaming industry challenges Macao Magazine: How long did you work at TDM and then as a prosecutor before joining the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ)? PAULO CHAN: I started working at Ou Mun Tin Toi [TDM] radio station in 1981 where … Continue reading "All in"

12 years of Cotai

COTAI’S METAMORPHOSIS “When I was a high school student in the early 1970s, I thought Coloane was a long way away,” reminisces locally born Eddie Yue Kai Wong, a prominent architect in Macao. “When we went there we had to take a small ferry, but from time to time the ferry wasn’t able to reach … Continue reading "12 years of Cotai"

Mozambique and China: A fast friendship into the future

From the pristine, vast beaches of the Quirimbas Islands in the north to the colonial-style café esplanades in the capital of Maputo, Mozambique is a place of sun and leisure not exactly known for being a fast-paced destination. But in a time when heated discourse over the country’s recent economic downturn rises above the coffee-shop … Continue reading "Mozambique and China: A fast friendship into the future"

Searching for success in Mozambique

Entrepreneurs from Macao are seeking out business opportunities in Mozambique – “a country with everything, for everyone” The recent state visit of the President of the Republic of Mozambique Filipe Jacinto Nyusi to Beijing this past May confirms the commitment of both countries to strengthening their relationship. The two countries have agreed to increased bilateral … Continue reading "Searching for success in Mozambique"

Zhuhai, a “Garden City”

Zhuhai builds reputation as a green place on the Pearl River Delta When a visitor walks out of the ferry terminal of Zhuhai, the first thing he sees is a long stretch of shore lined with trees. Walk along the shore, of the Pearl River, and you come to a beach 1.5 kilometres long and … Continue reading "Zhuhai, a “Garden City”"

Magic of the ball

Basketball loved by local community and athletes BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION Lai Ka Tong is a rising star of Macao’s basketball. At 1.93 metres, the 20-year-old has a natural advantage over other local players, who rarely exceed 1.8 metres.  Nicknamed Little Yao Ming, after the famous 2.2-metre Chinese basketball player, Lai shrugs off the often raised question … Continue reading "Magic of the ball"

Beware of the dark

New museum celebrates forgotten profession: the watchman Down a narrow street in one of the oldest districts of Macao is a new museum that celebrates a profession that was common in the city but has died out and almost disappeared from the public memory – the watchman. The Patane Night Watch House opened in December … Continue reading "Beware of the dark"

A higher responsibility

City University of Macau Rector seized historic chance for expansion When Professor Shu Guang Zhang was offered the chance to head a university that had moved from a cramped city site to a new campus 20 times its size, it was an opportunity he could not refuse. “I was very happy to come,” said the … Continue reading "A higher responsibility"

Radical genius

The late, great architect Zaha Hadid, also known as the “Queen of the Curve”, will soon posthumously change Macao’s architectural landscape. With the construction of the fifth hotel tower at the City of Dreams (COD), a six-year venture set to be completed in 2018, Macao’s skyline forever will be graced by the work of one … Continue reading "Radical genius"

An air bridge of Macao

In March this year, Air Macau added a new route to the Japanese city of Fukuoka as part of its plans to expand in Northeast Asia and develop the mainland and Asian markets, chief executive officer Chen Hong said in an interview. 2015 was a mixed year for the company, overall the number of passengers … Continue reading "An air bridge of Macao"

Pioneer of the hospitality industry

MACAO MAGAZINE: The Macao SAR government intends to transform Macao into a global centre for tourism and leisure. What implications and/or impact will this have on the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT)? Do you share a sense of responsibility in this endeavor? FANNY VONG: Absolutely, IFT is the leading pioneer of tourism and hospitality education … Continue reading "Pioneer of the hospitality industry"

Building the future

Saturday afternoon, 16th April: as the city of Praia basks in a perpetual warm breeze, Cabo Verde’s capital rests from an intense week-long music festival, simultaneously anticipating the close of its annual Kriol Jazz Festival that same evening. Located near the centre square in the heart of the “Plateau” overlooking the city harbour and offering … Continue reading "Building the future"

Degas’s ballerinas in motion in Macao

Imagine a man who zealously observes horses running and women dancing, compulsively photographing, drawing, and sculpting these subjects in an attempt to immortalise each moment, each movement for eternity. Nowadays, anyone can do this with a snap of their smartphone, but in 19th century France, Edgar Degas was a pioneer of camerawork in Europe and … Continue reading "Degas’s ballerinas in motion in Macao"

Sailing in the waves of history

The Macao Maritime Museum celebrates the city’s intimate relationship over five centuries with the sea – from which its people earned their living and which brought the Portuguese from the other side of the world. When it opened in 1990, it was the first custom-built modern museum in the city. It occupies a historic site … Continue reading "Sailing in the waves of history"


When I was small and my parents went out fishing, they left me in the care of an old lady in a wooden house by the sea and picked me up in the evening. I spent the day anxiously waiting for their return. When it was high tide, I knew they were coming back. This … Continue reading "Sea-Nostalgia"

Macao beneath the surface

To better understand the scope of St Paul’s Church and the adjacent St Paul’s college, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao invited the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to conduct an archaeological project entitled “St. Paul’s College Ruins Archaeological Investigation and Excavation Project.” Six years of archaeological work behind the … Continue reading "Macao beneath the surface"