Angela Leong says postponing gaming concession bidding up to government

The possible decision to postpone the new round of bidding for gaming concessions is up to the government, SJM Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer Angela Leong On Kei said on Sunday after a speaker at a seminar suggested a postponement.

31 Aug, 2020

Macao lifts ‘closed-loop management’ for Hong Kong-Macao cargo ship crew members

The Macao government’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre has announced that crew members of cargo ships plying the Hong Kong-Macao route no longer have to undergo quarantine during their stay in Macao, but they continue to be subjected to COVID-19 testing every seven days, considering that Hong Kong’s COVID-19 epidemic has now eased.

31 Aug, 2020

Top court to move to old courthouse (Update)

Macao’s top court will move to the long-vacant old courthouse in the city centre, while several civic leaders suggest the government redevelop the long-abandoned Estoril Hotel in Praça do Tap Seac into the new central library.

31 Aug, 2020

Government keeps MOP 6,000 continuing education subsidy

The government will launch the fourth phase of its continuing education subsidy scheme tomorrow, which entitles local residents aged at least 15 to get a 6,000-pataca subsidy to enrol in courses run by the city’s various continuing education institutions until the end of August 2023.

31 Aug, 2020

Youth job fair hires 61 people on the spot

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) said in a statement on Sunday that its Youth Career Expo 2020 received 3,339 job applications and 61 people were hired on the spot.

31 Aug, 2020

New Cinematheque Passion operators write ‘love letter to the cinema’

Jenny Ip Chao Mui, operations manager of Cinematheque•Passion, says that her new team consists of young people full of passion and aspirations, adding that the team wants to pay tribute to their love of cinematic art, therefore they entitled September’s reopening theme as “A Love Letter to the Cinema”.

31 Aug, 2020

Macao to launch promotion campaign to attract mainland Chinese visitors

The Macao government is launching a promotional campaign to attract more mainland visitors to the city from 1 September onwards.

30 Aug, 2020

Macao residents account for 53% of Macao hotel guests in July

Local residents accounted for 53 per cent of Macao hotels' guests last month.

29 Aug, 2020

Only kids aged at least 3 can attend kindergarten classes

Children enrolled in kindergartens can only attend their classes in the new school year – which will start next month – from the age of three, as it is not suitable for those aged below three to wear a facemask.

28 Aug, 2020

Subsidised day nurseries to remain closed

The government has decided that the city’s government-subsidised crèches (also known as day nurseries) will not resume their service in the new school year.

28 Aug, 2020

New measure for cross-border pupils’ COVID-19 testing fee

The Macao government will roll out a new measure for Macao cross-border pupils who undergo their nucleic acid tests (NATs) in designated medical institutions in Zhuhai.

28 Aug, 2020

21st round of facemask sales

The 21st round of the government’s facemask purchase scheme, which will last 30 days, will start on Sunday.

28 Aug, 2020

Kiang Wu runs Macao’s 1st Quality End of Life Care for All programme

Macao’s Kiang Wu Nursing College and Kiang Wu Hospital announced this week that they have jointly hosted Macao’s first Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA) programme.

28 Aug, 2020

Typhoon Higos damages 1,000 trees

Typhoon Higos, which resulted in the hoisting of Macao's highest storm warning signal No. 10 on August 19, damaged about 1,000 trees, public broadcaster Radio Macau reported on Thursday, citing Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) officials. 

28 Aug, 2020

General jobless rate rises to 2.7%

Macao’s general unemployment rate between May and July reached 2.7 per cent, up by 0.2 percentage points from the April-June survey period.

28 Aug, 2020

IAM inspectors find contaminated bun in Areia Preta bakery

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) said in a statement on Thursday that its inspectors tested a cream-filled bun sample that was found to have an excessive number of staph bacteria, when they were carrying out regular random testing in Areia Preta.

28 Aug, 2020

4th Macao-Taipa bridge project gets off the ground

The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) has announced that the contractors of the fourth Macao-Taipa bridge project held a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.

28 Aug, 2020

Hong Kong to ease social distancing from Friday

Hong Kong will partially ease social-distancing measures from Friday, despite confirming 21 new coronavirus infections on Thursday.

27 Aug, 2020

New tracking system for imported frozen food to start next week

In order to track down problematic imported frozen food products more easily, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has launched a new tracking system which will be implemented next week.

27 Aug, 2020

Government axes library project for old courthouse (Update)

The government has decided not to go ahead with the controversial project by its predecessor to redevelop the old courthouse in Nam Van into the city’s new central library.

27 Aug, 2020